Black Code Studies (co-edited with Mark Anthony Neal)

This forthcoming issue of The Black Scholar will explore black code studies as a formulation and a critique of digital humanities, black studies, 19th century race codes and 21st century race coding. As a project, Black Code Studies draws attention to the permeability of the racial subject in an age of digital media and new technology. It highlights the importance of tying technology to a history of capitalist exploitation, global black insurgence, and Afrxdiasporic creative energy. Black Code Studies outlines a rich and rigorous set of priorities for the next future of black studies, highlighting prospects for the survival of black life well beyond the Internet. For more or with questions about the project contact Johnson or Neal, or email blackcodestudies at gmail dot com.

The Queering Slavery Working Group (co-organized with Vanessa Holden)

The Queering Slavery Working Group was formed to discuss issues related to reading, researching, and writing histories of intimacy, sex, and sexuality during the period of Atlantic slavery. Guided by the question, “What would it mean to Queer Slavery?,” the group seeks out queer encounters in slavery’s archive. Operating across page and screen, the Queering Slavery Working Group brings discussions happening in black queer studies, queer of color studies, and histories of enslaved and free people of African descent across the diaspora into lurid and profane contact. Co-Organized with Vanessa Holden (Ph.D., Rutgers University) an Assistant Professor of History at Michigan State University.

The LatiNegrxs Project

Founded in 2009, the core of The LatiNegr@s Project’s mission is anti-oppression and supports equity in access and representation for LatiNegr@s everywhere. At the same time, we acknowledge that being LatiNegr@s in the U.S., we address a bulk of concerns experienced in the U.S. and write in a space that is English-dominant as our team and followers are a blend of English-dominant and multilingual in varying degrees. This space is inclusive of the vast languages LatiNegr@s worldwide communicate in and we welcome submissions or contributions from these languages. The LNP is a collective run entirely by Afrxlatinxs, 90% of whom are queer, and was founded by Bianca Laureano (Founder of the Women of Color Sexual Health Network, Co-Director of the Black Pervert Documentary, Director of Education and Regional Programs at Scenarios USA).

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