Johnson and Lindsey Featured on Neal’s Left of Black

The Black History Month reads were just the preview….. Left of Black host and Duke University Professor Mark Anthony Neal (@NewBlackMan) is joined in studio by Professor Jessica Marie Johnson (@jmjafrx) and Professor Treva Blaine Lindsey (@DivaFeminist), co-authors of the essay “Searching for Climax: Black Erotic Lives in Slavery and Freedom.” In the essay Professor… Read More

Johnson Joins Vaz-Deville, Ross, and Rothman at the 2015 Tennessee Williams Literary Festival (#NOLA)

  Honored to join Kim Vaz-Deville (Xavier U), Michael Ross (University of Maryland), and Adam Rothman (Georgetown) at the 2015 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival (@TWFestNOLA) this March. We will be discussing “sensational New Orleans kidnapping cases.”

Johnson’s Must Read Black History Books on Left of Black (Preview)

  In this preview of Left of Black, Historians Jessica Marie Johnson (Michigan State University) and Treva Blaine Lindsey (The Ohio State University) discuss their Black History “Must Reads.” Johnson and Lindsey are the co-authors of the recent essay “Searching for Climax: Black Erotic Lives in Slavery and Freedom” in Meridians.   Watch the video… Read More

Johnson Participates in ShondaLand Watch Party and Symposium at the Forum for Scholars and Publics (Duke U)

It was an honor to be invited and a pleasure to participate. To view the archived livestream, click here. My reflections coming soon! ShondaLand the Symposium and Watch Party Thursday January 29 – Friday January 30 ShondaLand is the production company of television screenwriter and producer Shonda Rhimes, whose current series Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and… Read More

Online Now! “Searching for Climax: Black Erotic Lives in Slavery and Freedom”

My journal article, co-authored with Treva Lindsey (Ohio State University), in the current issue of Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism, is in mailboxes and LIVE online right now via ProQuest! Treva B. Lindsey and Jessica Marie Johnson. “Searching for Climax: Black Erotic Lives in Slavery and Freedom.” Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism 12, no. 2 (2014): 169–95…. Read More

#QSWG Reads: Vincent Woodward’s #DelectableNegro

On November 11, 2014, the Queering Slavery Working Group discussed Vincent Woodward’s, The Delectable Negro: Human Consumption and Homoeroticism within US Slave Culture (2014). Abstract: Scholars of US and transatlantic slavery have largely ignored or dismissed accusations that Black Americans were cannibalized. Vincent Woodard takes the enslaved person’s claims of human consumption seriously, focusing on… Read More

Member, Race Bibliography Team, New Orleans Research Collaborative

Founded and Directed by Leslie Harris (History, Emory University) and Connie Moon Sehat (Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry, Emory University) in collaboration with Emory University Libraries, the New Orleans Research Collaborative (NOLARC) “brings together individuals pursuing an historical and critical evaluation of New Orleans.” “With the creation of a non-profit, interdisciplinary online resource, we seek… Read More

Founder & Curator, African Diaspora, Ph.D.

In 2008, I founded the curated blog African Diaspora, Ph.D. to highlight scholarship and scholars in the field of Atlantic African Diaspora history and create an online space to discuss and share books, articles, reviews, and news relevant to the field. African Diaspora, Ph.D. is now a digital humanities resource highlighting research, teaching, scholarship, and… Read More