Founder & Curator, African Diaspora, Ph.D.

Founder & Curator, African Diaspora, Ph.D.

In 2008, I founded the curated blog African Diaspora, Ph.D. to highlight scholarship and scholars in the field of Atlantic African Diaspora history and create an online space to discuss and share books, articles, reviews, and news relevant to the field.

African Diaspora, Ph.D. is now a digital humanities resource highlighting research, teaching, scholarship, and scholars in the field of Atlantic African Diaspora history.  The art, culture, labor, and politics of people of African descent in North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and the African continent is explored through books, articles, news, interviews with academics, and much more.  African Diaspora, Ph.D. also reviews digital media, resources, and tools relevant to researching, teaching, and discussing Atlantic African Diaspora history.

In 2012, African Diaspora, Ph.D. expanded into Tumblr and welcomed Kidada Williams (Associate Professor, Wayne State University) to the #ADPhD team.

African Diaspora, Ph.D. is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Future plans include enlisting curators and contributors on these and newer social media sites (Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat), adding pages devoted to curriculum and pedagogy, and soliciting contributions for original content, especially material bridging the past and present divide.




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